New Finds

Roman coin hoard discovered near Maryport

The hoard consists of 126 denarii and one sestertius and was discovered in 2012. They range in date from a legionary denarii of Marc Antony (32-31 BC) to the early years of Marcus Aurelius (c. AD 161). There was no evidence for a container  or wrapping of the coins, and it is unclear whether the coins were a savings-hoard or a ritualistic deposit.

The majority of the coins represented the reigning Emperor but there a small number issued for the members of the imperial family. The hoard includes 26 coins issued by Vespasian, including some issued during his lifetime for his sons, Titus and Domitian. Hadrian issued one for his wife, Sabina. Antoninus Pius issued coins for his wife (Faustina I), his daughter (Faustina II) and for his intended succesor, Marcus Aurelius. In his turn, when he became Emperor, Marcus Aurelius issued coins for his wife, Faustina II.

The hoard was declared Treasure under the Treasure Act 1996 by the Coroner in April 2014 and acquired by the Museum in November 2014. 

The coins will be on display in the Museum from Easter (Saturday 28 March) to the end of the October half-term (Sunday 1 November).


A Hadrianic denarius



 Faustina (wife of Antonius Pius) denarius



Sabina (wife of Hadrian) denarius