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A Cult Centre on Rome's North-West Frontier: Excavations at Maryport 1870-2015. NOW £19.00 (previously £35.00)

By Ian Haynes and Tony Wilmott, Project Director and Site Director respectively. The 2011-2015 excavations were commissioned and sponsored by the Senhouse Museum Trust in a partnership with Newcastle University and sought to better understand the original context of the altars discovered in  1880 and the nature of buildings found in 1880. This report brings together the results of the excavations and incorporates a complete re-evaluation of the earlier discoveries in 1870 and 1880. It provides comprehensive and compelling new interpretations that challenge many established views of the Roman army, Roman religion and life on the Roman frontier. 

Writers in the Winter Museum. £4.99

An anthology of poetry and prose written by participants on a series of creative writing workshops during the winters of 2018-19 and 2019-20. The workshops and the publication were part of the museum's annual Arts and Literature Festival funded by an Arts Council England Project Grant. 


Maryport: A Roman Fort and its Community. £13.00

This book by Senhouse Roman Museum Patron, Professor David Breeze OBE, places the collection in context and describes the history of research at the site.

Romans on the Solway. £20.00

Written in honour of Richard Bellhouse, this book looks at the Solway frontier in detail. Included are a complete schedule of the Roman coastal installations, the results of the extensive geophysical survey at Maryport, discoveries made at Beckfoot Roman burial ground and more. The final fascinating chapter covers the rise and fall of Joseph Robinson, Victorian pioneer of Roman research on the Solway.

The Maryport Roman Settlement Project Excavation Report, 2013-14. £25.00

The report on the two year community excavation within the civilian settlement adjacent to the Roman fort at Maryport. The excavation was directed by Oxford Archaeology North and carried out by a team of volunteers on land owned by Cultura Trust.  

Living on the Edge of Empire: The Objects and People of Hadrian's Wall. £25.00

Dr. Rob Collins and the curators of the remarkable collections from Hadrian's Wall present a striking new contribution to understanding the archaeology of a Roman frontier. The objects illustrated can be found in the Hadrian's Wall museums from Maryport in the west to Wallsend in the East.

The Crosby Garrett Helmet. £10.00

The discovery of a Roman sports helmet at Crosby Garrett, Cumbria, in 2010 aroused considerable public interest. Subsequent field work demonstrated that the helmet had been buried in a farm of the Romano-British period. In this book David Breeze brings together the results of the field work and discussions of the helmet and its significance.

Hadrian's Cavalry. £2.50 (reduced from £4.99)

Everything you could possibly want to know about the Roman cavalry and their horses in the time of Hadrian. This book accompanied the Hadrian's Cavalry dispersed exhibition in 2017.

The Frontiers of Imperial Rome. £30.00

This book draws on the latest research to analyse the varying frontier systems, and describes the extant remains. Professor Breeze considers how the frontiers worked, discussing this in relation to the organisation and structure of the Roman army, and the surviving literary and documentary evidence. This is sure to be of great value to the general reader and the specialist.

Hadrian's Wall 2009-2019. £15.00

A summary of recent excavation and research prepared for the Fourteenth Pilgrimage of Hadrian's Wall 2019.

Joseph Robinson of Maryport: Archaeologist Extraordinary. £2.00

Joseph Robinson was the manager of a Maryport bank and amateur archaeologist. His discoveries on the Solway shore initiated the investigation of the Roman watchtowers and milefortlets of the Solway Coastal Frontier of Hadrian's Wall.

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