Young Archaeologists' Club

Due to current Coronavirus restrictions the Maryport branch is suspended. We will post any updates as the situation changes. If you are interested in joining the club when it resumes please contact the museum and leave your contact details.

The Young Archaeologists' Club is a UK-wide club run by the Council for British Archaeology for young people aged 8-16 who are interested in archaeology. The Council for British Archaeology's mission statement is "Archaeology for all" and YAC helps to achieve this by encouraging participation for young people. YAC operates as a network of local branches where children can get involved in hands-on activities on a regular basis.

Young_Archaeologists.jpgYoung ArchaeologistsYoung ArchaeologistsYAC branches are like archaeological youth clubs, meeting once a month. There are currently over 70 branches in the UK and there are two branches in Cumbria, Maryport and Kendal. The branches provide an excellent opportunity for young people to find out about their local archaeology and get involved in archaeological projects; these can include anything from excavation work to Egyptology.

The leaders of the Maryport branch are all volunteers. There are ten themed meetings during the year (programme available on request).

Membership is restricted to 24 members on a first-come first-served basis.

All sessions are led by experienced leaders. There will be a trained first aider present at every session and all health and safety procedures are observed. Each session is fully researched and a risk assessment is carried out for every activity and event. Safety equipment is provided where necessary.

Please note that good behaviour is expected from all children attending sessions. You and your child will be asked to sign a behaviour code of conduct which your child must adhere to. The behaviour code can be found on the membership application form.

Most sessions will take place in the Kirby Gallery at the Senhouse Roman Museum and are open to all members. Members will be expected to sign in at the beginning of the session and sign out at the end. If a member cannot attend a session we ask them to contact us in advance.

Branch leaders: Jane Laskey, Lesley Cuthell, Irene Louden, Ian Cuthell, Charlotte Cuthell, Alexander Cuthell and Leslie Bragg.

New members can attend their first meeting without paying a subscription as a trial, membership subscriptions will be payable on the second meeting.

Please contact the Museum if you are interested in joining the YAC.